TFS Podcast Episode #56 -#TIBA Gets Wrecked!! (Team Four Star)

#TIBA has come to a close, so to celebrate, Antfish and HBI interview Tom Andre, winner of the first ever Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon (TIBA), discussing the writing, recording, and editing process.

If you liked Star Wrecked make sure to also check out “A Slap on Titan” on Toms YouTube page!

Got a question? Us “#AskTFS” in the comments below, and yours might get picked!
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Want to skip to a section? Click the timestamps below!
►1:05 – #TIBA Winner!
►3:44 – Star Wrecked Origins
►9:38 – The writing/editing process
►12:52 – The recording process
►19:17 – #AskTIBA Questions
►49:27 – Final Monent

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